Create Financial Flexibility for Your Nonprofit with the Unearmarked Income Generation Workshop
In this workshop you'll learn 7 ways to generate unrestricted
income for your nonprofit to pay for necessary costs that are unexpected, emergency surprises, or simply expenses that are not part of your project budgets.

With the Unearmarked Income Generation Workshop you'll be able to: 

Take care of your team's needs for facilities and learning even without grants.

Create a little buffer to help your nonprofit through hard times.

Feel confident in the stability and professionalism of your team.

Feel more secure that your nonprofit can respond to any emergency from its own resources.

Here is what you’ll get in the workshop - and the BEST NEWS is you can start implementing TODAY!

  • An overview video to help you choose the best way for your nonprofit to generate unrestricted income right now.
  • 7 searchable videos, for the 7 different ways you can use to generate unearmarked income for your nonprofit.
  • All videos have edited closed captions, downloadable transcripts and are downloadable as mp3.
  • Fillable workbooks that will walk you through all the steps you need to take to get started with your chosen method to generate unrestricted, flexible income for your nonprofit.
  • Access to a Question Box.
  • Access to a members only community to share all your questions, tips and successes!

Nonprofits I've worked with have generated unrestricted income that helped them pay for courses and team building for the team as well as for emergencies. 

This unearmarked income also helped them build a solid buffer for future challenges that we all know will come.

How much you can generate depends on your choices, your time investment and your context. 

But it's very possible to generate an amount equaling a month's salary costs - each month.

You want to go from stressed about spending money to confident that you have money for the things you need.

And you know unrestricted, flexible income is exactly what will help you do that.

The problem is…

Convincing someone to give you ‘free money’.

Creating a steady flow of income that’s free to use for whatever your nonprofit’s needs are.

Avoiding risks to your charity status if you are perceived as profit-making.

You're worried you don't have enough people to generate unearmarked income.

If you’re over there nodding and agreeing, I’ve got some good news for you!

There are simple ways to get unearmarked income!

With a strategic approach you can generate steady recurring unrestricted income that will help you cover necessary costs you may panic about now.

And I am here to help you with that!

Here's what my members say about working with me:

representative of an international nonprofit
fan of Suzanne's way of working

"I like your focus on very concrete results. Keeping your eyes on the prize. Many nonprofit people are not like that and that makes it all a bit fuzzy sometimes."

representative of a nonprofit in Zimbabwe
about the course Project Design for nonprofits

"It is not going to be business as usual anymore, it is going to be more than that. I was so excited about it and the lessons are mindblowingly informative."

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  • Is this for me?
    If you are the founder of a nonprofit organisation or if you are working in a small to medium-sized nonprofit as executive director, financial manager, fundraiser or project manager (or are combining several of these responsibilities) - this is for you.

    This workshop is for everyone who wants to make sure their nonprofit gets money that's free to spend on things that may not (yet) be part of a project or things you have not campaigned for.

    Like: a team day or something extra for your team or office, covering a loss in a previous year, a new idea that you want to test, something your donors don't allow, or savings.
  • What can I do with unrestricted or unearmarked income?
    Unearmarked or unrestricted income is income that's free to use as your nonprofit's needs demand. It is money that was not given as part of a project grant or as part of a specific fundraising campaign.

    It is money for which the organisation or individual giving it to you has not indicated what it's for.

    So you can spend it on whatever is needed for your team, organisation or mission right now.

    Like: a team day or something extra for your team or office, covering a loss in a previous year, a new idea that you want to test, something your donors don't allow, savings.
  • What if I am not happy with the workshop?
    Your success is my priority. I have set up a members community where you can share questions and dilemmas. I am an active part of that community and answer any questions as I can.

    If you are nevertheless not satisfied, please email me at so we can see how we can best help you.

    As this is an online product with immediate access to downloadable resources, we do not have a refund policy for this workshop.
Hi, I'm Suzanne and I am a nonprofit operations strategist

I created this workshop because getting 'free money' is a key challenge for all nonprofits everywhere.

I know that from my 30+ years working in and with nonprofits. I know what it's like if you cannot do what's needed because the grant you got is for something else. 

So in this workshop I help you make a flying start with getting unearmarked income and creating extra flexibility for your nonprofit’s financial needs today.

In my free time you can find me at the seaside! I love hanging out there and I even swim in our North Sea (but not year-round).

Suzanne Bakker

Changing Tides

Eze Obinna Nwagbara
member of courses Project Design for nonprofit; Annual Reporting for nonprofits; and the Finance & Admin Foundations bundle

"That you are always there to give encouragement and guidance is something I didn’t have before now."

representative of a nonprofit in Botswana
fan of a training on developing partnerships

"I feel the burden around dealing with this issue loosening. I am really benefiting from your knowledge and insightful experiences."