Wow - You Got That Donation!
But .... do you know how to handle the money and the data without getting into (legal) trouble?

Yes, It's possible to manage your donations without stress!

Setting up a system to manage incoming donations may sound boring…

I know you’ve got better things to do than figuring out how to manage your incoming donations properly, legally and effectively. But - if you don’t have a solid system you

risk losing recurring donors if you don’t recognize their regular donations properly. 

may offend a new big donor if you don’t thank them swiftly for their contribution.

won’t be in control of money in & out for your campaigns. 

could be in breach of a law if you handle donor data the wrong way. 

lose time reinventing the wheel every time a donation comes in.

The good news is: it doesn’t have to be this way!

I can help you set up a system and create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) so you know what to do automatically every single time. So that you have a system that anyone on your team can apply easily even if they're new! 

Ready to set up solid systems to handle money and data coming in with your new donations? 

Then grab Donation Received - Now What? workshop now! 

Here’s what we’ll do in the Donation Received - Now What? Workshop:

I’ll walk you through the decisions you need to make about 

  • managing the incoming donor data 
  • handling the incoming money

We'll come up with a plan that's easily implementable for your team, and also meets your donor's needs as well as relevant privacy laws, including GDPR. 

You can record all these decisions in a policy and in a clear Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) so that all the steps are easy to repeat. That way anyone on your team can easily implement your new Donation Policy even if they just started or are stepping in for a sick colleague! 
So that you can serve the good people who donate to your nonprofit in a personalised way without worrying they could feel spammed or being afraid of violating any privacy or data laws that apply.

The Donation Received - Now What? workshop contains:
  • Two searchable videos with closed captions, downloadable as mp4, and downloadable transcripts, for easy access wherever you are and whatever your listening/viewing or reading preferences. 
  • Fillable Workbooks that will walk you through all the decisions you need to take and all the things you need to have in place for a compliant donation policy and practice. Through the workbooks you'll develop your own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that anyone on your team can easily follow.
  • Access to a Question Box for all your private questions
  • Access to a private community on Heartbeat to share your experiences, dilemmas and questions with your nonprofit colleagues, including me.
With all of this, you're ready for your next donation with confidence that your systems are running properly and meet the needs of your donors, the law and your own management purposes.
The best news? You can go through the whole workshop in a morning and implement it in an afternoon!
Hi, I'm Suzanne

Nonprofits hire me to help with their operational back-end. In 30 years of nonprofit work I've learned from successes and more from mistakes. I know it's not easy to find donors for your nonprofits. That's why it's such a pity to lose the donors you've got due to sloppy operations. In this quick workshop I share key insights with you that help you set up your systems and avoid disappointments. 

I'm looking forward to hearing your stories about your new successes with donors with your new system!

Suzanne Bakker

Changing Tides

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Thanks for keeping it simple. I love it.

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