Imagine what your nonprofit could achieve if your annual report would convince donors to support you ...

It's important for you to create an annual report

  • to comply with regulations and laws so that you can maintain your charity status.
  • to meet requirements of some of your donors.

It's a lot of work for you and your team. It feels like a boring admin kind of task. And it's creating stress, too.

And at the end, you're not even sure if you got everything right.


let me review your annual report for you!

Your annual report is a powerful marketing tool.
Let's use it to make (potential) donors enthusiastic about your impact!

If you're responsible for creating your nonprofit's annual report or annual financial statement and you're feeling ...

Overwhelmed with all tick-boxing?

Uncertain if your report is really complete and contains all the things required by law, donors and interested readers?

Uninspired with all the work?

Unsupported by uninterested colleagues when you need another pair of eyes to review the goals or the content of your annual report?

You just need an extra pair of eyes on your annual report from someone who's successful at fundraising and who has created annual reports since 2007.

Someone who can show you what's missing and how your report can be more powerful for your donors.

Let ME be your colleague for a moment; the one who helps you get clarity on what your annual report could focus on to achieve its marketing goals.

Let me be your colleague who show you what to change to gear your report toward making your donors enthusiastic about the work you do and about how you do that work.

I have been where you are, working in a small nonprofit. I know the pressure you are under. So I know you don't need a big book to read. And I know you don't want to Google stuff, either.
"Our annual report now shows the impact we created and that's something our donors and sponsors love to see", says Tom, Director of AviAssist.

How does this work? 

Here's what happens if you buy the Nonprofit Annual Report Review:

Step 1

When you buy the Nonprofit Annual Report Video Review, you'll receive an email with detailed instructions for how you can electronically send me your (draft) annual report.

Step 2 

Within 5 business days, you'll receive my video review where I highlight what's missing, what could be emphasised more and how your report can become more powerful for your donors.

Step 3 

If you revise your report within one calendar week of my review, you can send it to me for a quick look-through - at no extra cost. (If you cannot manage that, you are of course welcome to buy a new review also).

  • Total payment
  • 1xNonprofit Annual Report Video Review$50

All prices in USD

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You will not be charged for this purchase, but if you choose to make an optional purchase later, this card info will be used to complete that transaction!

  • How can I send my annual report for the review?
    As soon as you buy a review, you'll receive an email with detailed instructions for how you can share your annual report (or a draft) with me electronically. You may use Google Drive, Dropbox, Wesendit or email, depending on the size of the file. This is all explained in the email you'll receive.
  • Are you going to edit my annual report?
    I will review your report and provide you with input how you can improve it so it will be more powerful for your donor to read and look at. I'm not rewriting your texts or redoing your numbers.
  • What if I want to make sure I made the improvements you suggested in the right way?
    If you implement my tips and feedback within a calendar week of receiving my review, you can send me an updated version and I will have a look at that. This is at no extra cost.

    If you cannot send me an updated version within a calendar week and want to have my opinion, you'll need to buy a new review.
Hi, I'm Suzanne

Nonprofits hire me to help with their operational back-end, including creating annual (accounts) reports. In 30 years of nonprofit work I have learned from successes and more from mistakes. 

In my review of your annual report I will share some key insights and personal feedback, so that you can have an annual report that's actually going to help your nonprofit create more impact for your community - because you've got your donors on board and they're enthusiastic!

Suzanne Bakker

Changing Tides

Fan of Suzanne's Facebook trainings

Thanks for keeping it simple. I love it.

Tom Kok

Always very down to earth and pragmatic for small organizations.