Wow - You Set Up Your Donation Policy and SOPs!
But ...
maybe you're afraid you missed a step?

Let me set your mind at rest with a video review

let me your "colleague" for a day
and get my professional review of your donation policy & SOPs - for you personally

I know putting policies and SOPs in writing can be daunting. 

it's hard to find time to focus on writing down policies and SOPs, when you should be doing real work for the community or cause you serve.

it's difficult to look through what I wrote and find the gaps.

the nonprofit is so small that it's hard to have a good discussion about this, with many different viewpoints and experiences.

there is no team yet to take over tasks - so what's the point of having SOPs?

The good news is: I can help you with this!

I can be an extra set of eyes and another brain going through your donation policy and SOPs. 

Ready to get your draft donation policy and SOPs out of that drawer and get them operational? 

Then grab my Video Review now! 

Here's what that will mean for you

If you have gone through the workshop Donation Received - Now What? you have an idea of all the things you need to decide on when it comes to

  • handling the incoming money from donations
  • managing the incoming personal data of donors

 in a way that’s compliant and doable for your team. 

With help of the prompts in your workbook you can transform those decisions and thoughts into SOPs and a policy for receiving and managing donations. 

At some point you may feel you've gone as far as you can at this stage. 

And that's when you can get my help to move ahead.

That's the moment to send me your drafts and for me to have a look for you. I will share my observations, questions, recommendations, tips and compliments with you in a personal video for your organisation only.

So that you can move on with this, get your donation policy and SOPs finished and operational.

So that you can focus on bringing in more donations and keeping your new donors happy and proud to be part of your work and impact! 

 What you’ll get is: 
  • A searchable video recording with closed captions.
  • Downloadable as mp3. 
  • Downloadable transcript. 
  • With my observations, recommendations and compliments!

And yes - if you haven't done the workshop Donation Received - Now What, you can also ask for a review and you will get the same care from me!

But if you want to get to the workshop first, here's where you go:

How does this work? What happens if you buy this?

You send me your (draft) donation policy and SOPs, via Dropbox, Google Drive, WeSendIt or similar.

I will create a video review, going through your documents and sharing my feedback and tips.

You can revise your policy and SOPs and resend them for a final review one time, if you send the revised copy within one week of receiving my review.

You will receive your review within 5 working days.

  • Total payment
  • 1xReview Donation Policy & SOPs$50

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If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can email me at so we can see how we can fix any issues

you may have. Your success is my priority.

Hi, I'm Suzanne

Nonprofits hire me to help with their operational back-end. In 30 years of nonprofit work I have learned from successes and more from mistakes. I know it's not easy to find donors for your nonprofits. That's why it's such a pity to lose the ones you got because of sloppy operations. 

Reviewing your donation policy and donation SOPs, I will mention lessons that I learned that might be helpful to you. I'm looking forward to working with you on getting this organized so that you can focus on bringing new donors in without worrying about the back-end of all of that. 

Suzanne Bakker

Changing Tides

Fan of Suzanne's Facebook trainings

Thanks for keeping it simple. I love it.

Tom Kok

Always very down to earth and pragmatic for small organizations.